Donivan Berube

Well Babes, “much shit has hit the fan” since the last time we spoke. You fall sleep with failure long enough to start asking the right questions. What of is there to dream, if not a dream? Who will be there for me, if not me?

But two years go by and my first solo single “Love Is a Dog from Hell” premiers today on VEVO. Watch the music video here or below. The song is now available on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you stream and purchase music. Pick it up on Bandcamp to receive the bonus track “Who Do I Turn To?” and a sticker & postcard bundle mailed straight to your doorstep.

Lyrically devastating but strangely moveable, “Love Is a Dog from Hell” – his solo debut – is Donivan Berube’s years-long meditation on abandonment, loneliness, and self-rediscovery in the wake of divorce from his wife and long-time musical collaborator. It’s a poignant juxtaposition of fragility versus darkness, sensuality amidst reservation, movement despite heaviness, all presented under the guise of a bedroom pop song.

I’ll be playing a hometown show with the new band on Friday, October 20th at Firecreek in Flagstaff, Arizona, with many more to come. Please take a moment to share the new song and be sure to follow on Facebook & Instagram for more photos and updates.

Regram from Instagram user @chet.mellema.

Our 2014 album ‘Order of the Arrow’ has been reissued on green & white splatter vinyl! Get yours today before they’re all gone and out of print again. Features include deluxe reverse-board printed jackets, photo insert, and download card.

East Coast cassette label Hope for the Tape Deck has pressed a limited batch of ‘There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow’ tapes, also available in our online store. Features include “sonic green” shells with download card, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

We have another small run of tour dates this winter/spring, including our first trip to Europe!

2/06/2016 – Flagstaff, AZ – Green Room*
3/30/2016 – Aarhus, Denmark – Vox Hall
3/31/2016 –  Odense, Denmark – Jazzhus Dexter
4/01/2016 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Soundstation Records
4/01/2016 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Global
4/03/2016 – Maribo, Denmark – Lolland Musikskole

*w/ Saintseneca & Des Ark

In other news, Donivan has been writing a rare/lost record column for Vinyl Me, Please, showcasing classic albums across all genres and eras. Read, watch, and listen here. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook for more updates and photos from the road…

Today Vinyl Me, Please announced their exclusive release of our new record, “There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow.” I’ve been obsessing over this album for so long that I lost count of how many times I gave up entirely. We moved across the continent several times over, borrowing gear where we could and emptying all that we had into creating something to somehow capture how beautiful, tragic, inspiring, and heartbreaking the past two years have been for us, living without a home and without money, while chasing something intangible. It was without a doubt the most unimaginably terrific stretch of time we ever could’ve dreamed of, but also the most difficult.

There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow  Two years in the making, ‘There Will Be No Sad Tomorrow’ is equal parts beauty and brutality, a transgressional road trip that stretches from the ghettos of Peru to the high plains of Wyoming, from the swamplands of Florida to the oceanic wilds of Big Sur. It is traveling music, tormented and biographical, but most importantly, human.

Turns out we’re not dead. You go off-the-grid for a while and end up in the desert, where there’s no one to put you down, nothing to make you worry. It reminds you that emptiness is not a feeling, but a place wherein you can come and go as you please. And what is emptiness, anyhow? But an allowance to fill yourself up again with all that is joy and sadness and indulgent adventure. You start over again and again, and rejoice in the coming of a perfect tomorrow.

Sign up for “the best damn record club out there” by October 15th to receive the album on 150-gram purple opaque vinyl with an 8-page photo booklet featuring 120 photos from our past two years of nomadic travels, along with an original 12″x12″ art print by Nate Duval and custom cocktail pairing recipe by Nicole Johnson, head mixologist of the Flying Squirrel in Chatanooga, Tennessee, not to mention special members-only pricing on additional curated albums and gear.

Please take a moment to share our new album on Facebook, Instagram, via email, or wherever else possible. We’re a tiny band, and word-of-mouth is what we depend on. Otherwise, click here to see where we’ll be touring this fall, including stops in the Joshua Tree desert and up the West Coast to Big Sur, California.

PS: We’re down to the last 50 copies of our Middle Class LP, Order of the Arrow LP, and the Wyoming/Dakota 7″ single. Claim your vinyl copy today before they’re all gone and out-of-print forever.

Our Dearest Babies,

It’s finally happening! The first single from our new record will be released September 15th on a split 7″ with Brett Newski. Preorder your copy today for a chance to win one of six test pressings from the record plant in the Netherlands! ‘Wyoming/Dakota’ features clear glass-colored vinyl with a special psychedelic spinning donut label, limited to 500 copies. Also included are new stickers, postcards, and of course the fact that you’ll be helping us to press the full-length LP this fall.

We’ll be touring with the new record across the Southwest & West Coast in the months to come, starting with a Artwork by Jenny Vanderheiden.weekend of dates in Arizona:

9/10 – Phoenix, AZ – Lost Leaf *
9/11 – Tucson, AZ – Sea of Glass #
9/12 – Flagstaff, AZ – Mia’s %

11/11 – Tucson, AZ – Pop Narkotic Palace
11/12 – Joshua Tree, CA – Pappy & Harriet’s @
11/13 – San Diego, CA – M-Theory
11/14 – Los Angeles, CA – Origami Vinyl
11/16 – Big Sur, CA – Henry Miller Library ^
11/18 – Oakland, CA – Octopus Literary Salon ^

* w/ Them Savages & Justin Moody
# w/ Coach (Ben Velazco of Them Savages)
% w/ Them Savages & Tow’rs
@ w/ Lucky Bones
^ w/ Mark Matos (Trans Van Santos)

It’s been a long time, and we can’t wait to see you out there on the road. Now follow that link to claim your copy of the new single before they’re all gone forever!

In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook to have every one of our bad jokes & campfire stories delivered straight to your internets. And as always, feel free to send us an email or postcard, using the addresses listed here.

(UPDATE: 88.9 Radio Milwaukee just premiered the single live on the air. Stream it here from them, or below:)

My Dear Babies,

  This letter has been scheduled to post in the immediate future, as this morning I left for a solo cross-country bicycle trip all the way to God’s Bathtub (Big Sur, California). Jacquelyn will be meeting me there in her car, whereafter we’ll be pitching our tent beside the Henry Miller Memorial Library, across the street from the Pacific Ocean, and setting to work for a while. The trip will cost somewhere around two months, 3,000 miles, through which My Beatnik & I will be drifting steadily northwest, sleeping in backyards or hiding in bushes, racing with lightning and pursuing something about life of which I am still uncertain. I have all the maps I’ll need, but haven’t decided on an exact route to take. Why have direction, when you could have an adventure?

  Some days will be unavoidably awful, and I’ll need some encouragement! Please feel free to direct your letters to my personal email, Otherwise, you’re welcome to swing through Big Sur anytime throughout the month of October and say hi! If you’re unfamiliar with who Henry Miller is, or what his memorial library is all about, I’d suggest you poke around their website. Besides being the most magical record store, book shop, and general public space (with free coffee and web access), they’re also home to an incredible backyard concert series hosting the likes of Andrew Bird, the Pixies, Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom, Animal Collective, and countless others. Henry Miller’s books ‘The Tropic of Cancer,’ ‘The Air Conditioned Nightmare’ and ‘Big Sur & the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch’ taught me many invaluable lessons, chief of which was the realization that no matter where we go, or how hard we try, people will always be sad, people will always be worried, people will always have doubts and every day will be plump with equal parts wonderment and triviality, beauty and tribulation. The solace we seek will not be found “out there,” but only within ourselves. And in the words of Hunter S. Thompson as told to me by a very dear friend in a time of great need: “Trust in god, but row away from the rocks.

  If you or someone you know lives in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, or California, and would like to take me inside when I’m getting rained on, loan me your laundry room when I’m out of clean socks, show me around your town when I’m ahead of schedule, or direct me to the nearest donut shop at any old time whatsoever, please get in touch with me at the aforementioned email address, which I will be checking lackadaisically, generally, hopefully, and so forth. Meanwhile, I’ll be documenting the adventure on Instagram and elsewhere online. Please take a moment to use the buttons at the top of this email to share with a friend on your Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. But perhaps more importantly: chase your dreams until they kill you. Fear will make you fearless. I hope to someday repay you all; probably in hugs and ice cream…

With Infinite Love & Thanks,
Your Fan, Donivan Berube